Friday, July 5, 2013

g pa's

my dad came up and stayed with o and i on friday night.  i made granola and we ate it and watched a movie. on saturday morning my dad and i headed to idaho where my mom had spent the week with her dad. we made a pit stop at my brother jordi's house in brigham city on the way.  he is a master at welding and plays the drums like a champ.  jord is soon to be a dad for the first time!  he is my youngest sibling and younger than me by thirteen years.  this will make me the only one out of the 5 of us without kiddos.  weird.    

meet grandpa j.  he says things like "ma leg" and "good hell" and you could listen to his stories for hours.  he wears suspenders at all times and a big silver belt buckle. he loves animals and has a dog named boomer that looks like a foot stool with legs and he howls when my grandpa leaves the room.  he lives right next to the fairgrounds and across the street from a canal in a town called mud lake.  so you can imagine how much fun we had visiting as kids.  there are cobwebs(big ones) in every corner of his house and an endless supply of garden gnomes, wind chimes and hook rugs.  being there on saturday made me so very happy.  he sent me home with a couple of gnomes for my garden along with a few other treasures!

meet grandpa p.  he also lives in idaho.  he is the picture of perfect health.  he grows and cooks all of his food.  every single nook, cranny, corner and surface of his big house is spotlessly clean and arranged just so. his yard is perfectly trimmed.  he has a green thumb and is basically one of the smartest dudes you could ever talk to(but, he is a republican. wink.) he worked on the nuclear reactor for 35 years and trained navy men to run the nuclear submarine. he had a little honda 80 dirt bike when we were growing up and we put some good miles on that thing.

my cousin seth had his mission farewell this weekend.  my sister jules and her family were already in island park for a family reunion with matt's family, so they decided to have baby pete blessed while they had extended family together.  pretty darn cool that pete had 2 great grandpa's there to participate!

i have been really wanting to go and visit my grandpa's for a long time.  i was glad my mom asked me to come and that it worked out that i could.  these are two very, very different people who i love equally.  i have the fondest of childhood memories of summers spent visiting them in the idaho boonies.

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