Friday, July 19, 2013


 lunch break
trail run
bird bathes in my fountain

 kissy face

well hey there lovers!  this has been a super busy week and i am so ready for the weekend to begin.  i bet you are too.

i so love only having one treatment a week and after 8 months of this i look forward to the time when i taper off them completely!

i am working on a project that i want so badly to be successful, but i'm not quite sure how do get there from here.

i hope to get the bathroom painted this weekend.  that is the only thing keeping it from being finished.

i am running a race up at snowbird in the morning.  the black diamond hidden peak hustle.  it is super fun and i am looking forward to it with muchness.  i can't say as much for the road half marathon i am running in on wednesday.

tonight i just want to go home and cook some good food and listen to some good tunes and hang out on the back porch with my book...feeling so tired today.

have a super stellar weekend!



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