Monday, July 15, 2013

1st + i chopped my hair off + dp = the weekend

i ran in the solitude trail series on saturday morning.  1st place:)
then i met up with justin, nathan, tiko and golly at the farmers market to stock up on some produce
and i guzzled a mint limeade and devoured a tamale!
o and i pretty much polished off all the vegetables i bought between saturday and sunday
went for a motorcycle ride
got my hair cut to just above my shoulders with some kind of shorter pieces on the sides of my face
went for a trail run after church on sunday. it was so hot, but i felt good.
we spent some major porch time reading, eating kettle corn and sipping a delicious beverage

about the beverage...mel told me about a drink called a 'dirty dr pepper' last week.  so i made my own version of it and we likey.
in the blender i mixed ice, cream of coconut, coconut milk and the juice from a lime.  then,  fill up a glass with some diet dp and pour in some of that slushy and viola!  cold summer beverage heaven.

toodles lovers,


ps loving that book!

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