Tuesday, June 18, 2013

other weekend goodness

we went to a pool party on friday night for one very cute little boy who turned 4!

early saturday morning i made us breakfast.  then i got on the roof and o got in the attic and we took out the old attic fan and put in a new one.  aren't we handy?!

on my way out the door saturday morning after the fan installation i was eating a big delicious date.  micah, noble and marley were in their truck ready to go to the lake for day.  i stopped to chat.  it went like this.
me: "hey guys, are you excited to go to the lake?"
noble: "what are you eating?"
me: "it's a date."
noble: "what's a date?"
me: "it is a yummy piece of fruit."
noble: "will you please go get me one?"
me: "well buddy, i'm about to leave and the dates are inside."
noble: "i know, but can you please go back inside and get me one?"
me: "ok.  i will be right back."
noble: "and will you please get one for my brudder too!"

i headed up millcreek canyon because i wanted to go up mt aire.  this is a perfect time of year for it because the snow is all gone, but the gate is still closed on the road that keeps you from going to the top of the canyon so there is barely anyone on the trail.  it doesn't open until july 1.  it is about a mile and half from the gate to the mt aire trail head.  i saw 8 other people and 3 horny toads on the trail.  pretty fantastic i'd say.  i got a photo of one of the toads on a tree on the way up and then on the way down this lady had caught one and he was just lounging on her bright pink shirt! also, do you see the sasquatch foot print on that tree? and i totally ate it when i was running down.  on one of the steepest sections of trail i caught my toe on tree root and slammed me into the ground.  it was sort of awesome because i was just so freaking happy to be there.  i wasn't sure why when i was running down the last stretch of road people where looking at me a little bit funny.  i was bleeding from my arm, my leg and i had dirt around my mouth and on my chin and neck and my entire front side was covered in dirt. awesome. 

we have a million of these little guys living at our house and for some reason they will not stay off the back door.  so the first time i was brave and moved him over to a plant, but after it kept happening i just let them stay there.  eek.

and then on sunday i got sick as a dog with a stomach bug.  i slept for 13 hours.  missed work on monday.
the end.

happy tuesday everyone!



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