Tuesday, June 4, 2013

let's catch up

o's brother justin has an amazing partner named lia.  she is fabulous and i quite enjoy having her in the fam.  her parents have been visiting from romania and they prepared us a feast a couple of weekends ago before they headed home.  everything was really really good.  well, except for the liver pate'.   my favorites were the cabbage wrapped pork and rice slow cooked with spices and corned beef,  the soup that was kind of hot and sour with meat balls and the almond and cream layered dessert!  mmm.

i made my sweet potato tacos and ate as many of the things that i love as i could stand before my first procedure and starting the elemental diet and of course it caused me great pain, but it tasted so good.  corn, beans, nuts, berries, yogurt.  bad bad bad.  all no no's.  

our friends creel and yue had us over for bacon burgers, grilled corn and gluten free mint brownies!  and we went and saw mud and loved it.

a gnawed on leg with a hoof in the middle of the trail.  creepy.

 a ride with my bil justin on a sunday afternoon

an early morning walk to breakfast on memorial day with o.  this feisty little bastard wanted to eat me for breakfast.

then a memorial day hike with justin and lia

some yard work with the bonedoggy.  see my yellow roses starting to bloom in the hedge?

some thrifting with lehua.  that 1950's chair is being recovered as we speak!  in one of the fabrics below. and it is going to live right next to fire place in my front room.

i made roasted dates stuffed with blue cheese and peanut butter oatmeal bars with creamy pb/chocolate frosting and took them to lehua's for a bbq.  
my boxcar planters came in the mail! 

ate this for my last meal 7 days ago.  

had a bunch of biopsies of my bowels, esophagus and stomach and started drinking neocate.  i have one more week to go with no food or drink.  my stomach is starting to feel better.  less pain and inflammation.  i have been super nauseated, but that is starting to ease up a bit.  it tastes awful.  my next set of biopsies are on monday.  i starting craving pretzels last night.  i have lost 5 lbs since wednesday.  i am probably not drinking enough of it, but it is hard to force it down when i am nauseous!  saturday was the worst day for sure.

started the bathroom renovation!  can you believe it?  it is going to be fabulous! with a fun surprise detail!  no more pink bathroom.  wow!

went to a wedding.  o's youngest brother booj got hitched on friday up at the millcreek in, but that will be a separate post!

ran in to these cutie pies on a trail sunday afternoon.  gosh, i just love running into awesome people that i don't get to see very often when i am on a trail.  it is such a pleasant surprise. every time.

i saw my lymphoma doctor on monday.  i get to cut my treatments back to once a week for the next 2 months!  that is good news.

hope things are going good for you friends.  life is not a breeze!




  1. You were the highlight of the month. You look so young and healthy and I hope you feel like it really soon...and then forever. LOVE YOU.