Tuesday, June 25, 2013

images from the weekend + the adventures in eating with me

obviously i took these boys to the pool.  we packed a picnic and goggles and made sure to bring coins so they could throw them and i could find them...good times.
 i made a curry dish this weekend.  it was really really good, unfortunately it hurt my tummy a lot.
 i planted an artichoke agave in my front yard this spring.  they are so cool.  when o and i were on a motorcycle ride this weekend we spotted this one blooming in this fabulous yard! wowza^

a treat. i made us some super delicious vegan, soy, nut and gluten free parfaits with seeds, fresh berries and bananas, raw honey, coconut, coconut yogurt and granola. mmm^
i am finding that it is just easiest to stick to fruits, vegetables and seeds mostly. i am using coconut milk, rice milk and flax milk.  i find that i use a ton of dates, avocados, bananas and berries too. my energy levels have been really good so far.  i have found a couple of granolas in organic bulk bins that are nut, soy, egg, dairy and wheat free.   this week i am going to make some granola of my own that i think will be much tastier.  i am thinking coconut, chia seeds, toasted pumpkin seeds, apricots, puffed brown rice, oats, honey, dried cherries, flax seeds... i bought some fantastic ingredients to make me some energy bars too.  i am finding that most of the granolas have soy oil, wheat and nuts in them and most gluten free bars have either soy or nuts.  i have been sautéing a variety of vegetables for dinner and we eat them on greens or quinoa.  mushrooms are nice and meaty.  and hummus, but i am not sure if i should be eating legumes?     

anyway, i am figuring it out!  the brownies were amazing if i didn't already tell you that.  and i found dark chocolate chips that are dairy free.  boom!

happy tuesday.  xo,


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