Thursday, June 13, 2013

hey there

so many pretty flowers blooming in the yard

i had my second endoscopy procedure monday.  they had to use old time versed on me because big surprise, i had an allergic reaction to the good, fast acting drug last time.  so i was a little hung over this time around and had to have me a little nap in the recovery room for over an hour.  anyway,  the big deal is that i got to eat food monday night!  i took myself to vinto because they offer gf crust for their pizza and i wanted some pizza!  lemon and goat cheese and limeade.  it was refreshing and delicious thank you.  then i went home and hopped on my bike and rode to city cakes bakery and had me a sugar cookie in the sunshine.  and then i may or may not have had some peanut butter m&m's later on.  my stomach didn't like it much, but my mind and my mouth did!
spent some time at the pool over the weekend.  swimming was the only exercise i felt i had enough energy to do.
a blurry photo of leah, me and mel at akbar's party

apparently there are some coons taking over my neighbor hood.  there has been some pretty hilarious banter going on over email this week with everyone talking about what our options are for getting rid of them.

our neighbor hood clean up was this week.  our pink toilet is officially gone forever!  sorry karl. you should have nabbed that baby while it was out there.

the bathroom has been on hold for a bit because we are waiting for some tile that had to be special ordered to get here.

i am restricted from eating soy, dairy, eggs, wheat, peanuts/tree nuts and fish for the time being.

here are a few scenes from morgan and leah's wedding...


apparently we didn't get the memo? odd ball.

happy thursday folks!



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