Tuesday, June 18, 2013

granary district

mel invited us to go check out the grand opening of ^granary row ^with mo and harper on saturday night.  it was quite smart.  they have made store fronts out of shipping crates and they rent them for $250 a month(o said that for that price, he would move in to one and live).  a great starting point for a small new business trying to get their product and name out there, but can't afford rent elsewhere.  there were food trucks, art, jewelery, foldable bikes, music... we ate dinner and checked the place out.  i made some fun purchases from ^mineral and matter^ and plan to go back for a few other things i had my eye on.  there are lots of empty crates waiting for vendors to move on in!  it was a great atmosphere with lots of families and it is located at about 4th w and 7th s.  

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