Friday, June 28, 2013


 it was fabulous^

we finally purchased matching end tables for our front room.  and a new rug too!  i'm moving the one that was in the front room to the guest room.

i have gone on 3 runs in the last 24 hours. that's a lot of sweating.  it. is. hot.  i got sweat in my eyes.

and well, this is just gus being cute^

i am going on a short road trip with my padre this weekend to idaho.  looking forward to it.  i see some moody blues tunes and sunflower seeds in my near future.

everything is a bit messy at my house.  i hope they finish the bathroom this weekend.  o is staying home to install the new window, sink and toilet.  i didn't know i took for granted having a toilet on the main level of the house, but i did.  oh, did i ever.  it's a tired dark trip to the basement in the middle of the night.

i love these, these, and these for crunchy on the go snacks.  they are delish^

hope you have a super exciting weekend lovers!



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