Friday, June 14, 2013


^every gal needs to own a jcrew pencil skirt.  it is a basic must have.  i love mine.  it is worth spending the extra money to have the tailored fit that is made well.  it's a classic.

my spirits are up a bit.  i feel cooped up when i am inside at work all day and the sun is shining outside!

my running has suffered big time over the past weeks.  i have a couple of races coming up in july and i am working hard to feel better, put in miles and speed back up.  i feel slow and my legs feel heavy right now.

there is soy in chewing gum.  lame.

i love this little belt of mine.  makes me feel snappy.

last night for dinner i sauteed snow peas, scallions, crimini mushrooms and seasonings and stirred in some grilled chicken with herbs and we ate it on micro greens with sliced avocado.  it was killer good.  i really really love to cook.

i dig this vsco cam app.  dig it!

our shower/tub faucet came in the mail this week.  we likey.

i have a couple of lamps i want to do this to.  what a great idea.  found here.

i made o get me naked last night and make out with me after i took a sleeping pill.  he said i fell asleep approximately 5 seconds later.  awesome.  i think i will have to make it up to him tonight.

a song for today from one of my favorite bands.  gusgus.  dominique.  do you feel zen now.

o and i are going to celebrate with this little man tonight.  it is his birthday and he is one special boy.

we have lots of things planned for this weekend.  i think it will be good.  hope yours is totally awesome.  maybe i will see you on the trail as you pass me up^^^

toodles.  xo from your cheeky gal,


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  1. Oh how you make me smile! :) Glad you're eating some food again. I didn't know there was soy in gum. (I'm allergic so I actually do care.) That is major lame!