Friday, June 21, 2013

friday. i dove and it is the first day of summer.

take that!  there were 7 people in my lane at swim team last night.  6 dudes and me.  we were crowded. our coach taught us to dive and start swimming right out of the dive to the other end of the pool.  even if our goggles filled with water.  mine did.  every time.  my eyes are kind of blood shot today.  the coach helped me with my first one and then i did the rest of the dives by myself.  i am nervous to move up onto the platform.  eek^

it is the first day of summer!  happy first day of summer lovers!

not only is this the first weekend of summer, but there is a super moon happening too!  better enjoy the full moon!

the bathroom is coming along.  we are hoping they will have it finished for the most part by next week sometime.  home construction projects make such a gigantic mess of everything.

in the line of wildfire is a great story that i enjoyed reading in outside magazine.  what an intense, crazy job. you should read it.

we are going to the arts festival tonight to hear matteo play. my friend erin will be there and i am excited to see her.  her cute little sister is in the band.

i hope you have a super amazing weekend and get to enjoy the weather and the moon.  i didn't get the brownies made last night, so those are at the top of the to do list!

toodles for now.



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