Thursday, June 27, 2013

a surprise lunch date. a training brick. i made energy bars and they rock.

i had such a fantastic day on tuesday.  as i was leaving work at lunch time to head to a satellite clinic to do imaging, i received a text from jules.  i wasn't expecting to see them for another week and a half.  they were at the airport and getting ready to head to island park, idaho.  it worked out perfectly for us to meet up for a quick lunch.  i got meet baby pete!  and squeeze dani and carlee.  it was magic^  

then our clinic finished early and i got to head home. i don't think you heard me.  i got off work early!  i put on my running clothes and did a training brick.  as soon as i got home from my run, i threw my suit on and headed to the outdoor lap pool at steiner.  it was hot and sunny and perfect.  when i came home we cranked up some tunes and i took a crack at making energy bars.  they turned out to be fantastic!  i have so many ideas rolling around in my head and i have purchased a bunch more ingredients so i can try more variations.  i did not use a recipe.  i purchased the ingredients i wanted in them and improvised.  i won't share my secrets with you at this point because i have some serious ideas up my sleeve!  i will tell you that they are vegan, diary, soy, egg, nut, wheat and fish free and they taste delicious!  am i turning into a squirrel?

and then we finished the day off with sexy shower time.

the end. xo.

your cheeky gal,


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