Monday, May 6, 2013

sword fights and other scenes from the weekend...

there was a sword fight that ensued(obviously after my bike ride. spandex = gross).  it was so fantastic to have sunny warm weather!

i wore white jeans to a function on saturday.  is it too early for that?  don't care.  by the way, have you every purchased jeans from the loft?  they fit like you got poured into them.  how did i not know about this? i have bought many pair of dress pants, but the jeans.  oh my.  i bought 3 pair.  the white ones are the modern crop fit and i bought 2 pair of the skinny ankle fit in other colors.
 trail run
 ride up the canyon
dinner at my house before the sword fight and after the bike ride
complete and utter cuteness

monday.  boo.



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