Friday, May 24, 2013


i don't know where time goes?  may is almost over.  what the?  it's been a busy week.

we had a play date and picnic at the peace gardens this week.  noble and micah loved playing with little harper and pushing her around in the stroller.  pretty cute kiddos.

guess what!?  i went back to swim team last night.  felt a little like drowning, but i just went right for it!

we finally hired someone to rip out our upstairs bathroom and redo it!  i have been talking about it for what seems like a decade.  we picked out tile and are purchasing it tomorrow.  we bought the sink and toilet and are picking out hardware.  we are using white subway tile and i am trying to decide if i want to do white or charcoal colored grout?  and i am not sure what tile i want on the floor.  i am a fan of the classic hexagons.  then we can think a bout lighting and such.  i know i know.  boooriiinggg!  i will post before and afters.

i got my hair cut last weekend.  i went to someone new that was recommended to me by my friend.  she was funny and very matter of fact about what she would do to my hair.  i told her i was thinking i might want to cut bangs and maybe lighten up the hair around my face.  she told me no.  she told me no bangs.  to many cowlicks in the front.  sure she could cut them, but i would hate them and she didn't want to do it.  ok.  and then she said, "why on earth would you color your hair!?"  she told me my hair color is beautiful and has so many natural high lights and colors it would be stupid to color. fine.  then she told me how she thought i should cut it and i said ok. let's do that.  she is quite fabulous.  and get this, she is a chemical engineer.  smarty pants.

o and i started watching arrested development on netflix.  we laugh our heads off the whole time.  i never knew it existed until last week.  \funny.  never nude.  cut offs.  good stuff.

last sunday at church i took a couple of notes because i liked what the speaker was saying so much.  here is
what the note said i put on my notepad on my phone:

let go of the past
start where you are
choose to be happy
you are where you are because the Lord placed you there

oh man, this person had no freaking idea how bad i needed to hear this.  ahhh.

i am super ready for the long weekend to start!  and ecstatic that the weather will be warm!  have lots to do at home.  we are getting together with o's family tonight for some home made romanian food.  o was supposed to make his famous flour less chocolate cake, but he forgot.  oops.  thank goodness for city cakes!  i am looking forward to seeing the movie mud this weekend.  looks so good.  i will be doing some painting, yardwork, cooking, riding, trail runnig...the usual. i want to make a gluten free version of this coconut bread.  who am i kidding?  i want to make every recipe that is on smitten kitchen! i also want to come up with a recipe for my own for energy bars.  oh food.  i hate you and love you.  mostly i hate you.

and i am feeling like maybe some new lingerie to spice it up a bit.  yep.

have a most fantastic weekend lovers and don't forget to spice it up!  xo.



ps full moon!  booyay!


  1. I LOVE arrested development!!! I re-watched most of them before the "new season" came out on Sunday... but it wasn't up to par in my opinion. It makes me so sad! I guess I should watch more of it and give it a chance, I've only watched the first 2 episodes of the new season...

  2. we just started the second season. bummer the new season isn't as good. that show cracks me up!