Friday, May 10, 2013


some etsy goodness...

m. robin - cake design so amazing.  i love it! watch the video.

revolution design house  i ordered these and these.  so excited for them to arrive.

artemer studio    goodness! solid gold. simple. pretty. 

i want this ring

and oh how i love this black onyx triangle

if you you want to try a litlte vegan joint this weekend, try frisch.  i have only eaten there once because somehow i didn't realize it even existed.  it was yummy. they have lots of gf options too.

i bought these plants to plant in my little white hanging planters on my back porch.  must make time to plant them this weekend.

 this poor guy flew into our front window and killed over last night.  poor guy. i need to clean my window.  it has a big dirty blob of feather on it now.

well,  i am off to have a treatment and start my weekend.  hope your weekend is warm and sunny and that you get to see a unicorn.




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