Wednesday, May 22, 2013

a few scenes from the weekend

gosh! this little ole blog has been neglected lately.  boo.

baked oatmeal for dinner on friday night.  besides what the recipe calls for i threw in a couple of bananas, some blueberries and chia seeds and left out the sugar.  we ate it warm out of the oven with a little coconut milk poured on top.
had a fantastic road run
had a pretty darn good trail run that started out sunny, but quickly turned to me getting very wet and windblown!  no worries
had very sexy early morning sex
went with lehua for my first mani/pedi ever!
barbecued with the good folks on our street.  emmett slow cooked ribs in his smoker all day and they were superb!  i made my well loved white chocolate brownies and they were devoured. marissa made vegetarian baked beans with molasses and they were killer.  she also made dates stuffed with blue cheese wrapped in bacon.  what the what!  too much goodness.
went with mel and justin to hear nathan sing with his men's choir.  we had late dinner at zest. it was fantastic and fun! everything gluten free!  they have both vegan and vegetarian choices and it is delicious.

truth is though,  i am quite miserable my friends.  everything i eat makes me very sick and causes me great pain and problems.  which really blows because i love to cook and eat.  i survive on rice cooked in coconut milk because i need the fat.  i eat small portions of these other delicious things, but it without fail kills me every single time.  i am having a bunch of biopsies a week from today and that same day after 12 hours of fasting i start the elemental diet.   for two weeks y'all.  two weeks.  i will drink it and ingest nothing else.  nothing else.  i am hoping it is the answer.  i am hoping that i feel so much better not eating, that i don't even care that i can't eat.  i am hoping that the pain goes away and the inflammation in my stomach and intestines goes away and i get my never ending supply of energy back.  and then at the end of those two weeks i have all of the biopsies again.  i tell ya... carry on.



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