Wednesday, April 24, 2013


made gluten free blueberry pancakes with some delicious fixings on friday night.  everything i eat makes me sick.  i am having a helluva time with my stomach.

my second orchid is blooming.  my other one has 18 flowers on it!  18!

o and i worked our butts off saturday.  not together. separately.  we both have smaller butts now.  whenever o grabs my butt, he asks why it is so close to the ground.  damn you short legs. o helped justin and nathan with their kitchen remodel for half the day and came home and replaced the brakes on our car.  i spackled, repaired wallpaper, washed walls, cleaned the house, planted lots of new plants in my front bed and blah blah blah.  it was a productive day.

we went out for dinner and a movie with our buddies.  we saw the new tom cruise movie.  oblivion.

i got in some good running this weekend.  i went for a trail run on sunday after church and ran into (not literally) one of my favorite people who is a long time friend, mano.  i love happy surprises and good people.

we had the neighbors over for dinner on sunday.  i made lasagna.  micah asked if i would have a bike contest with him after we were finished eating dinner.  we were jumping.  i crashed and burned and almost landed in a pile dog crap.  he won the contest.  obviously;)

check out sophie and her awesome winnebago!

hope your week is going smooth like butta.  i am doing some packing tonight:)



ps  i just scored permits in the last minute drawing for one of the canyons we want to do in zion this weekend.  booyay!

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