Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mummies and such

we are going to hear omd play tonight with a bunch of our friends.  should be a good time. i wish i was going to hear purity ring so bad, but they are playing at the urban lounge and will likely not come on stage until after midnight.  at least that has been the case with every band i have heard there and since i have a race this weekend i want to be fresh you know.  

kilian jornet was featured in the recent issue of outside magazine as one of the adventurers of the year.  good on him.  i am glad he is being recognized for his amazing talent!

i went to the leonardo to see the mummies of the world exhibit with my friends christine, lehua and jolie on monday night.  it was really great.  mummification is intriguing and gross at the same time.  especially thinking about natural mummification happening in some crazy bog somewhere?!  then we went to a late dinner at vinto where i enjoyed me a gluten free pizza and a super refreshing grapefruit and jicama. mmm.

i love this post.  what a fantastic attitude to have.

i can really appreciate this post on beyond salmon.  i am so very mindful of the food i purchase, prepare and put in my body.  healthful nutrition is very important to me and i don't keep junk food or sweets in my cupboards.  my fridge and shelves also have very little on them, because i like things to be prepared, fresh and preservative free.  if i am hungry for a snack, i have to grab an apple or a handful of almonds because there aren't any crackers, candy, chips or other such things at my house.  though i do very much enjoy baking and sharing it with all of my favorite people!

my indoor plants are blooming and growing like crazy!

gotta go!  happy wednesday lovers.



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