Thursday, April 18, 2013

moab. amasa race.

i have not been well since last thursday:(  i ran anyway and felt like total crap.  moab + running = true love.  we arrived late on friday night after a long day at work and a treatment.  we stayed in a cabin "down by the river".  i love the amasa trail.  it is steep, ledgy and technical.  and i love the speedy single track above the river toward the end. i was running on nothing but fumes and finished 4th in my division, 10th in gender and 23rd over all. se la vie.  i initially planned to run the 15.5  portion of the race, but no women my age were running it so i had no one to compete against.  turns out it was a good thing for that day...and i had some fun anyway.

we had breakfast at the love muffin.  and i always have to buy some jewelry when i am there.  i bought a bracelet made out of a spoke and pretty little silver feather earrings with a tiny dot of turquoise.  the plans to spend the rest of the day hiking were foiled by my misery and bad weather blowing in.  so, we headed to price to my ma and pa's house, which is another post.

a song for today.