Wednesday, April 3, 2013





i have been cooking a lot of super simple things at home lately.

when i was in philadelphia i bought a bottle of coconut white balsamic vinegar at the reading terminal market.  i cut up a pineapple with a jalapeno, green onions and limes and made a salsa of sorts with it and bathed it in the vinegar and we ate it on steamed fish.  it was fantastic!  the next night we made fish tacos with the left overs.

oatmeal has been a staple around here.  and blackberries.  piles and piles of blackberries.

i have been eating chard and kale by the bag full the last couple of months.  to say that owen is sick of it would be an understatement.  he doesn't have to eat it!

i am loving the fact that i can run up at red butte these days.  especially since it is light late enough on week nights now.  happy me. 

i bought myself a salomon running skirt and i dig.  it is so light weight and comfortable. 

i made piles of oreos for easter.  we had brunch on sunday with all of our neighbors and it was fantastic.  pretty sure every one was glad that i finally baked something for them to eat that wasn't gluten free! 

the sun about to set tonight on my run.  and i finally painted my nails for the first time in a couple of months :)

black diamond is putting on the hidden peak hustle race at snowbird again this year.  i signed up.  it was super fun last year. 

yesterday i stopped at a crosswalk in my car and two dirty dudes where walking across sharing a j that looked like it had been rolled and stuffed in a jean pocket for a decade.  made me laugh.

i saw my doctor a couple of days ago.  i get to cut my treatments back to 2 days a week for the next 2 months instead of 3!  so happy about it.

i have a race coming up on the 13th!

i am going to canyoneer pine creek and mystery canyon in zion at the end of april with orion and crowd.  looking forward to it with muchness.

i think that catches up a bit.  i am going to take an ambien.  sweet dreams lovers.



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