Tuesday, April 9, 2013

a few things from the weekend...

came home to no power friday night.  it was out until after 11pm.  so we headed out to dinner with the neighbors.  we went to hong kong tea house .  the food was lacking in flavor.  we all agreed.  the dim sum however, was fantastic.  in my limited experience with dim sum that is. then we picked up dessert at city cakes of course.  then o and i lit candles and got in bed with said dessert and fired up a scary flick on the kindle and left some crumbs behind.

i had a fantastic long trail run on shoreline saturday.  the wind blew hard and i got rained on.  as soon as i got back to my car the sun came out:)  i made a stop at rei because o agreed to let me use his 20% off coupon for the last day of the sale, even though i already used mine too!

we picked up some new plants for our yard.  that big one,  grows for 10 to 15 years before it blooms and then once it does it never will again!  it is so cool.  i want to get another one to plant in my back garden where my pond is.

we went on a walk downtown sunday evening.  it was fabulous and grey.

other than that we got a couple of projects done on the house, listened to some conference, went and saw a flick and ate sweet potato fries at brewvies with justin and nathan...

pretty good.



ps i rode emigration canyon on my rode bike sunday afternoon and was giddy and cold the whole way.  weeeeee!

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