Thursday, March 7, 2013

the weekend and other such things...

life was hellish for the last couple of weeks, but started getting better over the weekend.  thank. good. ness.  i want to thank all of the friends that have been there for us.  i love all of you.  you are all answers to my prayers.   i needed you and you were there for me.  thank you.

christine, lehua, marissa and i checked into the grand america on friday afternoon for a little r&r.  we went to eva for dinner.  it was fabulous.  and our waiter was both adorable and hilarious and he brought us a free ny steak because we were giving him such a hard time about the fact that they stopped making it with avocado butter!  it was good with the gorgonzola and pomegranate, but not as good as the avocado butter.  and these gals enjoyed drinks!  saturday  morning we went to breakfast and spent some time at the spa in the steam room and sauna.  it was very relaxing and rejuvenating.  thanks ladies.  that evening we made sushi and spent much time talking, laughing and enjoying ourselves.

i am very self conscious of my burnt lobster face.  people keep asking me about it and i hate it.

i've told you how much i am enjoying attending yoga classes again instead of just practicing at home.  i attended class after church on sunday and it was very restoring for me.  this instructor is my all time favorite.  she is amazing and her classes are always packed.  her name is denise druce.  at the beginning of class she talked about forgiveness and earlier my church meetings and my own youth class were also focused on forgiveness.  it was like the theme of the day or something.  and a good one.  by the end of class when we were all lying on our backs, focusing on our breath and relaxing each part of our bodies after a very intense work out, i realized i had tears pouring down the sides of my face.  sheesh.  the hardest part of forgiveness for me.  forgiving myself.  why is it so hard to do?  anyway,  she is the best instructor i have ever had and when i leave her class i feel the same way i do after having a full body massage.  oh ya.

i am headed to philadelphia for work bright and early tomorrow morning for 4 days.  bunch of baby eye imaging mumbo jumbo:-) have a super friday and a sexy weekend.



ps  there was some 80's party going at the hotel friday night and some random lady gave us these totally awesome glasses in the elevator.  so goofy!

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