Wednesday, March 27, 2013

the dreaming moon and random bits

a song for today...

holy crap!  did you see the moon this morning?  it was bright yellow and ginormous and lit up the sky.  what a good run i had and it put me in the most fantastic of moods.  

we practiced flow yoga last night in class.  it felt right in every way.

i will let you in on a secret.  if you add a little sweet and condensed milk, a bit of cinnamon and a handful of pecans to your oatmeal while it is cooking on the stove it will be delicious. ps i cook the oatmeal in coconut milk. 

i have been having crazy dreams for several nights now.  they aren't nightmares, but they are intense.  in every dream i am hiding from someone and on the run.  hiding and running and scared.  and they are weird.  i need a dream interpreter:)

 micah and noble were playing with these little laser guns i bought.  they had been shooting them nonstop for at least an hour when micah piped up with a little concern and a very legitimate question, "cyrie, do you have any of the worlds smallest batteries?"  it was awesome.

if you were hankering for a pair of thick, shiny, stretchy hot pants, well i think i found some for you.  and you would look hot in them.  what the what?

somebody must have been a little lopsided when they left the gym.  poor girl.

i don't know if i ever showed you these bad boys.  these are tea towels mel cross stitched for me.  they are pretty much the coolest towels ever made.  

happy happy wednesday lovers



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