Sunday, March 17, 2013


i went to philadelphia for an eROP meeting last week.  i am lucky to be working on this project with 4 of the very coolest people who also joined me on this trip.  bonnie, katie and i were travel mates and were able to keep each other company while we were stuck at the airport in detriot a few extra hours.  poor bob was stuck in atlanta on a different flight. 

we stayed at the palmor hotel.  which was fabulous.  katie and i ventured out on friday night to find some food.  long story short, we ended up at a roman jewish restaurant called tiramisu.  the experience was funny, but the food was delicious! 

saturday we were in a meeting with bob all day.  then the 4 of us walked over to ritten house square where we had a reservation at devon.  we ate here last time we were in philly.  it is fabulous and we ate ourselves silly.

 p = posh

 when i opened the closet door in my room to get out the luggage stand (and check for bad guys) and saw these robes, i started laughing my head off.

 i tried oysters. 
bonnie, katie and i spent sunday on our feet!  went out to breakfast. saw the historical sites.  explored reading terminal market.  talk about sensory overload!  soaked up some sun at the park.  had dinner at the eulogy belgium tavern.  stopped in to boconcept and i picked out a fabulous chair and bought an awesome new centerpiece for my dinning room table.  love.  we checked into one room on our dime to stay an extra day and it was a good move.  we fell into bed sunday night after a good day and watched a flick and flew home on monday.     





philadelphia is a fantastic city.  i am so glad we got to spend some time exploring on this visit!  

happy sunday and sweet dreams.


  1. Terminal B at Detroit... My last experience there last week was nicht so gut.

    Love your travelogue photos!

  2. Oh I need/want to go to Philadelphia! Thanks for the pic's. Glad you got to spend a day enjoying it.