Monday, March 18, 2013

daydreaming...and scenes from the weekend

these warmer, sunnier days are giving me a serious case of the daydreams.  is there such thing?  i keep imagining myself running on a mountain trail.  the sun peaks through the pine trees in long pinkish streaks that move next to me and i feel warm.  my breath is labored and my hair is braided and my cheeks flushed.  i feel alive and i am moving fast.  and i feel happy.

needless to say, i am excited for trail running season.  it is what i love.

the weekend was low key.  we bbq'd with neighbors, i thoroughly enjoyed working on my yard in the sun, i got a couple of good runs in and a yoga class, the utes gymnastics team beat florida, i baked zucchini bread and gave it away, we lounged in the basement and watched 'life of pi' in 3d, shot some hoops and kicked o's butt, went for a motorcycle ride, cleaned...  well rounded with work and play!

around the house and such:)

 happy monday lovers.



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