Thursday, March 21, 2013


there is an ultra running championship race in vail, colorado this september.  i am registered to run in the curxy half.  it will be totally fun and i will look forward to it with muchness!

i am excited to read this article in the new york times about kilian jornet.  he is amazing!

i am crispy after yesterday's date with extreme light waves.  i have been talking back and forth with my doctor on email.  after looking at photos and consulting with her colleagues, the decision was made to start covering my face during treatments.  i will be using a couple of medications (oral and topical) to see if we can get any change/improvement on the areas of my face over the next 3 months.  if not, we will do biopsies.  cross your fingers people.  

we are going out for sushi with our friends tonight.  i am starving already.  i will have to pace myself:)  

orion has a canyoneering trip to zion is in the works for april!!!  yes.  i am in.  who needs paid time off?  have  to take time off to do the things i love to stay sane whether i get paid or not!

it is so cold at my desk i fear i may die:(  

happy thursday.  it has been as busy as it always is.



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  1. My fingers are definitely crossed for you! Love you tons.