Thursday, February 7, 2013


oh, hi.  i have been too busy to take a pee break this week!  glad tomorrow is friday.

i really like and trust my doctor.  the 2 months of the first line of treatment didn't fix me and i have several other areas of concern including on my face(which really worries me).  the previous biopsy sites aren't healing well, so there is some hesitation to take further biopsies.  she really doesn't want to have to do one on my face.  we are going to treat my whole body 3 days a week for the next 2 months with a light therapy(my doctor told me to wear a g string to my appointments. sexy. justin and mel will get me some pasties if i have to cover the nips!)  we will then reassess and if necessary perform further biopsies.  light therapy can be used to treat certain cancers.  i have cutaneous t-cell lymphoma, which is a cancer that shows up in the skin first.  here is some info about light therapies from the american cancer society.  i have my first treatment tomorrow.

enough about that boring shit!  bleh.  here are some photos from the past week.

snowshoeing with my friend jim on a beautiful, sunny saturday morning. we had someone take our picture on the trail and they put their finger in it!

cute gus face looking out the window.

perfecting my gluten free baking skills.  banana bread.  turned out to be fabulous.  i wrapped up a loaf with hot pink twine and gave it away to friends.  when i told them it was gluten free a couple of days later, they didn't believe me.  mmmm.  

did a portrait this week.

cactus in my kitchen soaking up the sun.

made some homemade ramen with rice noodles.  

gus had to go to the doctor.  poor guy.  he has been in pain.  i hate that.  o's dad is taking care of him today so he isn't home alone:'-(

mel and i got crafty.  we made a curtain of valentine hearts by our desk area at work.  

put my moon calendar in a frame.  love it!

i have been putting in some mega hours at the gym cross training.  the stair master must think i am in love with it.  

we are going out for late, late sushi tonight with a bunch of neighbors.  1/2 price after 10:00!  good times.

hope your week is going smooth like butta.




  1. Keep the updates coming. On all the stuff, boring and not. :)