Tuesday, February 19, 2013

scenes of my first ultra trail race


i ran the 33k.  this was a big race.  i think there were over 600 runners total, including the likes of karl meltzer and dakota jones.  and in my field alicia shay, megan kimmel and megan lund lizotte.  the course was awesome and included the gold bar rim, golden spike and poison spider trails with an elevation gain of 3,326ft and loss of 2,681ft. the weather was perfect and the atmosphere fun!

o and i headed down to moab on friday.  we checked in to our hotel and met up with my sister and her family. my brother in law, brad and i went and picked up our race packets and met up with his friends from tennessee and then we all went out for dinner.

i brought my staple breakfast from home so that i would have no surprises with my stomach while running.  o took me to the start and dropped me off.  it was chilly waiting in line for the porta john!  the course was uphill from the start so i warmed up really quick.  i felt energetic, my legs felt strong and my stomach was pretty calm for the most part.  it was pretty much fantastic.  there was a very fun surprise at the finish line!  besides my parents and my sister angie and her boys, were my totally awesome neighbors and best friends that i had no idea were coming!!!!  suddenly micah and noble were there! and lehua and joey!  i finished in 3:46.  i couldn't help myself and had to stop 2 or 3 times to snap photos and i had to take a piss in the bush once!  anyway, i am pleased to have finished my first ultra trail in the top 30 percent of what was a competitive group.  and to have fun doing it!

we spent another night in moab eating food.  we went out for breakfast in the morning(might i recommend the love muffin cafe.  mmm.)  and then spent the rest of the weekend chilling at my parents in price town.

good times had.  happy tuesday.

big kiss little hug,


ps here is the results page for my group.   brad finished the 55k in 5:22! which put him at 13th out of the 106 in his age group.  go brad.


  1. Way to go you two! You are both amazing!!!

  2. That is so awesome. I am so glad it was a good time. Way to go tough cheecka!

  3. You rock! So awesome, and so cute when you do it all!