Tuesday, February 12, 2013


the snow is piling up deep in the yard!
my husband refuses to wear pants.  with the exception of church and work.  and only because it's pretty much a requirement.
i hired a trainer.  working hard.  i was ravenous on saturday night after the gym and i stopped by trader joe's.  i think i bought half the store, which is why i shouldn't shop when i am hungry!  i made us some ginormous chicken and guacamole burgers.  i had to eat mine with a fork because it wouldn't fit in my mouth.  it was good.
i saw this recipe yesterday here.  so i made them last night.  i added pecans to half the batch and chocolate chips to the other half.  they are really good.  i am going to stash a few in my pack for my race this weekend.
my skin is starting to burn, but the treatments are quick and easy!

i don't feel like blogging.  have a rad tuesday.



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