Friday, February 1, 2013


i am chilling with some music in my ear catching up on some work as it is a quiet afternoon.  thank goodness.

i want to order this print by budi satria kwan from society6.  i just think it is very cool.  me thinks it would look very sharp hanging next to my black and white lunar calendar no?  i want the iphone cover too.  makes me think of all the different wavelengths/nanometers we use to image the inside of the eye.

i made this meyer lemon mousse.  and may i say that it is fantastic, simple and delicious.  i should have put a little more lemon juice in it though.  i want to make it with limes.

i bought the little patagonia atom sling pack to carry for work.  i wanted something smaller than the messenger bag i was using and this will be perfect for commuting on my rode bike.  love it.

i got my car stuck in the snow a couple of days ago.  o had to come and save me.

i have started supplementing my runs with visits to the gym obviously.  i run in the am and go to the gym in the pm.  i took 2 sixty minute classes last night after work and felt great.  my left leg has been really off and on pain wise for the last couple of months.  today it is almost unbearable when i am sitting.  i will do some low impact stuff at the gym tonight, cut out my long run tomorrow and go snowshoeing instead.  it needs to start feeling better really fast!

this is parked down the street from my house in case you want to buy it.

it has been nice to see the sun and have some cleaner air lately, but you can see the inversion creeping back in.  yuck!

my first follow up appointment about my lymphoma treatment is bright and early monday morning.  hope it goes smooth.

well, it is time for the weekend to begin.  hope yours is adventurous and sexy!





  1. Cyr, Thank you so much for coming to visit me last night and bringing yummy cookies. You are a great friend.

  2. That mousse looks so good. I will have to make that! Yum. I can't believe you worked out 2 hours at night plus ran in the morning, that is insane. I am jealous though because I feel so fat and so gross and so down in the dumps because I am not exercising at all and I hate it:(