Friday, February 22, 2013

friday. and some goodness from the interweb.

dark chocolate almond butter cups. sprouted kitchen.

astrology cuff bracelet by julie nolan.  here and here.  i am a leo.

check out this tiny little house.  black diamond.  so awesome!

irunfar article by dakota jones about the moab red hot race last week.  

these kenna cutout booties from anthropologie.  oh man, those are cute shoes!


things are not happy at my house right now.  o is really sick and has not been working for almost 2 weeks. i am really stressed about it.  gus had his lids sewn shut on his right eye about a week ago.  he is doing better now that he is not in pain, but he looks like the one eyed bandit!  i have a treatment this afternoon to start my weekend.  they are increasing the intensity (i refer to them as gigawatts) significantly now and i am getting crispy!  carry on right?!  my trainer continues to work me hard and make me sore.  i am picking out my races for the coming months.  i want to register for the amasa because i think it will be super fun.  

i am not looking forward to the weekend, but i hope to be able to get some snowshoeing in tomorrow.  we have new snow and i don't plan to let it go to waste!

toodles lovers,


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