Tuesday, January 8, 2013

some slit lamp images of something unknown and other stuff

i took these images last week.  not sure what it is.  could be a plastic foreign body.  i am very interested to know when they find out.  looks like a little moon inside the eye.

i froze my butt off on my run saturday morning.  saturday night i spent an hour (or longer.  whose keeping track?) at rei picking out new gloves and hat to run in.  this morning it practically felt like spring.  i was hot.

we have a broken sink in our upstairs bathroom.

our vacuum is in the shop.

our car is in the shop too. getting new spark plugs, timing belt and other things. very expensive things.

my wednesdays are pretty much turning into a day dedicated to the 2 nicu units.  which is totally fine, but then i need hours to dedicate to editing, converting and transferring files and i'm not sure where that is going to come from?

they are holding a pre run of the race course in moab this weekend.  i really would like to head down there if i can.  my goal for this race is to finish within my goal time.  that is it.  i am feeling a bit doubtful of myself the last couple of weeks.

ok, buck up little camper!  and make this a rad tuesday.

big kiss little hug,


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