Thursday, January 24, 2013

scenes of the weekend. ya, it's almost the weekend again.

the weekend started with o and i going to dinner at the neighbors on friday night and then we all made a trip to city cakes for dessert.  we bought a loaf of their gluten free bread and it is super good.  and yes, i look like the michelin man wearing moon boots.  i was warm though.

there was some lounging and movie watching in bed with that lazy dog.

 there was a 12 mile run for me on saturday.  thankfully the sun was shining, but the air was toxic and it was cold.

 mel, rachel and i had fun at the utes gymnastics meet .  swoop stuck his finger up my nose.  mel captured the moment, but for some reason the photo didn't save.  bummer.

i made dinner and cookies and mel and i took them to our friend bonnie.  she has been so sick and i love her.  

my running shoes.  when i opened my closet to get out my runners on saturday morning, i started laughing because the starting to pile up.
cute weenie.

on monday my man took me down to the san rafael desert so i could do another long run in clean air with sunny blue skies and mid 30 temperatures.  it felt like spring and i was in heaven.  o dropped me off just before buckhorn wash.  i ran through buckhorn to the bridge where he met me for a pit stop.  he fed me skittles and then i continued my run on the hilly road toward black box canyon.  then we just tooled around taking photos and enjoying the sunshine.  we stopped in on my parents in price on our way home and my mom fed us a super good dinner that hit the spot!  

good stuff.

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