Thursday, January 10, 2013

let it snow

it is snowing right now!  yes. fresh powder my friends.  i hope it dumps feet.

i had a crappy day yesterday, but it ended with a killer run and then a funny flick and some take out with my friends.

i like the word mezzanine.

then i had a sleepless, sleepless night last night.  so i got out of bed at the butt crack of dawn and ran again.  it was really warm and windy this morning. then i ate left over eggs with pancetta, asparagus, onions and cheese.  and hot sauce.

i want a coon skin hat.

my sister jules sent me a text a couple of nights ago.  it said, "we were listening to billie jean by michael jackson tonight in the car and carlee said, if aunt cyrie were here she would be dancing."  made me cry a little.  love those little ladies.

di is awesome.

and tomorrow is friday.  lets pray for a snow day tomorrow.

french kiss,


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