Friday, January 25, 2013


it is a full moon this weekend.
we are about to start the bathroom remodel.
my nails are painted midnight cami today.
i am hiring a personal trainer tomorrow to help me with the next three weeks. i am feeling tired and sore and need some guidance and motivation.
this air needs to clear out.  yesterday.
it is funny to watch gus slip and slide on the drive way as he runs out the door to the backyard to go to the bathroom.  i need to take video of it.
the bug was stuck last night.  o, justin and i pushed while mel gunned it and splattered my front side with black, sludgy goo!  it was quite amusing actually.

i roasted a butternut squash last night because i am making roasted glarlic buttternut squash soup tonight.  mel and justin are bringing salad and the fixings for root beer floats.  and i will make one very large batch of caramel popcorn and we will watch a flick.  sounds good right?

here's hoping for cleaner air and really good lovin this weekend!




  1. Oooh. You must post that recipe! I've tried a few (randomly from online recipe sites) and they've all been "just okay." I'd love to try yours! :)

  2. i will post it! remind me if i forget;-)