Friday, January 4, 2013


hope you had a fun new year celebration!  lehua took me on a hot date.  she looked totally hot in her little black dress and teal heels.  i wore sequins with black lacy things.  wink!  we sang and danced the night away with the mayor and his staff at the stadium.  it was a wedding celebration for his chief of staff who was married earlier in the day.  lehua works with these people every day and goes to all the council meetings.  i was along for the moral support and boogieing down.

i went snowshoeing up lambs canyon on new years day.  it is so beautiful up there and there is no one around.  i had so much fun gliding down across the unmolested powder.  it was booger freezing cold though!

on the schedule for tomorrow is a 16 mile run.  sounds fun right?  wanna come with?  no.  you are going to sleep in, have morning sex and then eat a big bowl of cereal with strawberries on top.  that's because you are a normal person.


ps  tomorrow is my last day of using the treatment that burns my flesh off!  one more month of treatment with a less irritating medication.  cross your fingers that it works.  here's hoping that i will be a lot more comfortable in the very near future...carry on.

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  1. Booger freezing cold 16 mile run sounds nice... ha! And although I can't quite make the alternative happen, it's still nice to at least be snuggled on the couch in a blanket at o dark thirty instead of breathing through crunchies. :) Glad your nastier treatment is already almost done! Hope it works perfectly!