Monday, December 17, 2012


building some necklaces
snowshoeing with myself
baking for the neighbors
trail running in the snow, mud and ice.  my legs were feeling fatigued from snowshoeing the day before, but i was in the zone the last half of that run my friends.  i was utterly alone and it was a winter wonderland.  i was cruising and really focused on the trail because it was on a rocky steep spot.  i looked down at my watch and had 2 miles to go.  i came around the corner and looked up and there was suddenly a dude runner coming the other way right in front of me!  i about ran into him.  then i had a miniature heart attack and had to stop running so it could start beating again and then i just starting laughing at myself because i may have been a little too focused.
a surprise visit form our nieces and nephews.  o turned on paranorman in 3d.  they dug it and didn't want to leave.
o went to the hobbit
i sipped delicious warm beverages and hung out with the females on my street. the plan was to play cards, but just ending up talking for hours.
o helped me build some lasagna without pasta.  we thin sliced a bunch of zucchini's and used those in place of the pasta.  i will let you know how it is.  we are eating it with the neighbors tonight.

the end.

hope your monday is smooth like whipped cream.  whipped cream is my favorite.



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