Monday, December 31, 2012


i finished off my training schedule for december with a run and some yoga this morning(and i stayed in bed until 8:00) instead of going to work!  i have run just under 100 miles this month with plenty of elevation gain.  january will bring more cross fitness, longer long runs, more massage and more snowshoeing.  i had some structural/deep tissue massage this weekend and it is really helpful.

i headed out for my long run late saturday morning and it was a perfect day.  cold and crisp.  it was a good run.  about 6 miles in a chick came across the street and fell in behind me and ran just behind and to the side of me a few feet for the next 3.5 miles.  i suppose she was using me as a pacer.  so i had a little fun with it and ran her into the ground.  she kept up with me.  at the top of the hill she stopped and doubled over huffing and puffing holding her side and i gave her a big cheeky grin and kept on running to finish my last 3 miles in a good mood.  good times.

 the weekend was good.  we went for sushi with neighbors friday night and then they came over for breakfast saturday morning.  o got the trim installed around the inside of our front door.  i went to justin and nathan's annual white elephant christams party saturday night while o kept working away. i actually enjoyed church on sunday.  you know, i really appreciate when people can be open and candid and share personal experience because it can really be helpful to other people.  sometimes it can just be insincere bullshit that is not from the heart and that is when i tune out.  which just means that i am a brat.

so, o and his dad installed our christmas present today.  a shiny new water softener! i had to shower at lehua's this morning because the water was off;-). now o is trimming the back door.  he has been a hard little worker the last few days, but this is like his 11th day off of work in a row and he has been maxin and relaxin so don't get your panties in a twist.

well, i can't believe the year is over?  wow.  i plan to do a recap of 2012.  i hope you have a fun and safe time celebrating the new year.  i might be lehua's date to party tonight. sexy.  i am off to clean up the big mess that is my basement right now.

french kiss. talk to you soon. your cheeky gal,


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