Tuesday, December 4, 2012


my house is now festive (except for outside lights).

turns out 3 of the 4 biopsies came back positive for lymphoma.  so, for now i have 5 areas on my bod to treat.  they are all early stage.  yahoo!  i will basically just have to start dating my dermatologist. ffffooooorrrreeevvverrrrr.  good thing she is hot.  o won't mind.  hello expensive prescriptions.

i have been commissioned to do a piece of jewelry for christmas.  they want me to use these big pieces of jade they got in guatemala.  hope i can come up with something awesome?  i haven't made any jewelry for a long time.

i put on a fun song real loud last night and started dancing and cooking and yada yada things got a little sexy. dinner was tasty even though it was just a titch over done.  amazing how orgasm can lift your mood and make food taste better!

training reg:

build up long runs gradually
don't increase mileage more than 10% per week
be comfortable running 18 miles in the next 7 weeks
long run once a week
hill drills once a week
fartlek once a week
keep spinning and doing yoga routine

i'm gonna throw up just thinking about it.  i can feel my boobs shrinking as i type.  i kid.  it is my butt getting firmer.

i've embarrassed myself enough for one day.
your cheeky gal,



  1. I can finally comment again on your blog - mysteriously - after a long time of not being able to. Anyway, bet your house looks beautiful and festive. I opted to only put up the tiny tree down stairs this year. No energy to decorate (and then un-decorate) the big one. Ugh! I bought four beautiful poinsettias for the house to make up for it though. Dad was miffed :-) Love you.

  2. Glad that they're all early stage! What kind of treatment? Are you going to need anything? Like meals or something? Also, you make me laugh SO hard! I like food before orgasm, and sleep after. LOL. A good meal, especially lots of chocolate, can totally put me in the mood. :) Good luck with your new work out, that's intense!

  3. coco you are so nice! 2 separate skin treatments for the next 3 months. then evaluate the progress. i don't need anything. well, except for more orgasms and some chocolate!!!