Thursday, December 13, 2012

some stuff

things are crazy busy here.  i am editing and editing and subjecting my coworkers to primus in between patients.  i spent most of my day in between the 2 nicu units yesterday.  me thinks i will be spending more and more time imaging these babies.

uncle orion built climbing walls inside of a silo.  it is pretty much awesome.  it has an auto belay, stereo and some sweet astro turf!  pretty cozy.  o and i met up with he and skyler a couple of nights ago so i could climb with them.  i hope they invite me back ':-)   there was a move i couldn't get down without being spotted, so i have to go back so i can try some more!

i attended the avalanche awareness class at black diamond on tuesday night.  it was really good for me.  i always check the avalanche center website before i go snowshoeing and it was cool to get a look into how they do the ratings and learn how to make good choices based on terrain and weather conditions.

the areas of my skin i am currently treating look and feel like third degree burns at this point.  ouch.

i am running a lot.  and then running some more.

i need to get out in my snowshoes this weekend.

i haven't purchased christmas gifts yet.  crap.

carry on lovers!  xo,


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