Friday, December 28, 2012

scenes from christmas eve with the fry fam

we spent christmas eve with o's brothers at my father in law's house.

 o's brother justin and his partner leah.  she just passed her nuerology boards and has joined a practice here in salt lake.  she is from romania and her parents joined us and brought all sorts of amazing food!  leah brought us all presents from her recent trip to romania.  brynn and hailee loved their dresses and daniel and gavin were looking pretty fashionable in their scarves!  pretty cute.  o's youngest brother morgan is getting married to his partner, also named leah, this may.  she brought her parents along as well so we could all meet them.  pretty fantastic additions i'd say.  o's oldest brother andrew(whom these 4 awesome kids belong to) was very excited about the fact the university of utah sought him out to leave his job and come work for them.  he is a phd in chemical engineering and he will be a professor here at the u starting january and he will also be in charge of the combustion lab.  the man is brilliant and so much fun to go on epic adventures with!  anyway, what a great bunch of people who are moving onward and upward...

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