Monday, December 10, 2012


hey friends.  i did write a post for friday, but i never finished it or posted it.  lame right?  i hope your weekend was stellar.

a few things from the  weekend:

sleeping in our soft new bedding
sushi and movie with our best friends in the universe
breakfast at our house on sunday night with our best friends in the universe
a long run
salt lake men's choir christmas concert to hear nathan sing
a trip to the rock shop to purchase beads (did i tell you i have been commissioned to do a piece of jewelry for christmas?) so, i started building a necklace around a large piece of jade he wanted me to incorporate.  i hope they like the finished product!  eek.
i didn't get the outside lights up, but i did buy a really pretty evergreen wreath for my front door...

and only one photo of documentation.  saturday morning.  shoreline trail.  3.5 miles into my run.  beauty.

so my doctor presented my case at lymphoma grand rounds last thursday.  the other physicians agreed that starting out with this topical therapy first was the right course of action.  we will revisit in 2 months instead of 3 and if the medications haven't worked we will start light therapy.

i am going to an avalanche safety class at black diamond that the utah avalanche center is doing for free tomorrow night.  should be good since i spend a good amount of time on the snowy mountains alone!

i have my training calendar all filled out for the remainder of december and all of my long runs up until 3 weeks before the race scheduled.  i am working on january and feruary.  my long runs are once a week and look something like this 12-13-14-12-15-16-14-18.  i can cross the first one off.  though i miscalculated slightly and ended up running under 11.  my run this morning was icy and snowy, but i stayed on my feet!  disappointingly that left hip and knee started hurting again though.  thanks to my brother-in-law brad for sharing his training expertise and helping plan things out and giving me much needed training advice.  and for believing in me!  we shall see...

happy monday folks.  kisses,



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  2. i don't know your email address? can you just ask me here in the comment section?