Friday, December 28, 2012

and scenes from the rest of christmas

christmas loot and such.  gus helped us open our presents.  i got a couple pair of new running shoes.
i headed next door to lehua's in my pajamas after o and i were done gifting so we could start cooking for our christmas party.  we invited the people on our street.  we had great turn out and the food turned out to be delicious!  city cakes made a couple of vegan, gluten free cakes that were really good(i recommend the chocolate with chocolate butter cream and chocolate gnache).  we ate, talked and laughed for hours.  lehua you are a wonder woman!  we could not live on a street with cooler people.  i am sure of it.  it was a really great christmas and i am thankful.

i also snagged the day after christmas off to go snowshoeing!

 talk about spoiled.


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