Tuesday, November 6, 2012


had friends over for tomato blue cheese soup and trivial pursuit on a friday night
had me a trail run up grandeur peak saturday morning 
when i got home i washed the outside of all of my windows.  funny story.  o came out to mow the lawn while i was scrubbing and squeegeeing and i bent over to grab something and he busted out laughing so hard he couldn't breath.  and i was like, "what in the hell is so funny?"  i still had on my running tights from the trail.  i don't wear underwear when i run.  apparently the sunlight was hitting me just right.  he said my pants were totally see through.  he could see it all.  awesome.  how many people have i offended with my going commando?  neighbors?  yes, i am an idiot. 
i went for another run in the afternoon and i wore shorts with the built ins.
our new doors were installed.  pretty.  
more soup.  i made a coconut curry soup on saturday afternoon that was to die for.
the house was a bit of a disaster after the installers left.  so, then i cleaned the house.
sunday morning was superb.  so i headed up for another trail run before church.  then i made sweet potato pancakes and they were delicious.  
helped the neighbors build part of their shed because they are the coolest.  then they fed us nachos and taco's and enchiladas!  

the end.

hope you get to vote today!

toodles lovers,


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