Thursday, November 29, 2012

something unexpected

i received a phone call from my doctor just before i boarded the plane to come home from texas on monday afternoon.

i went into the dermatologist 4 weeks ago for the first time in my life because i had this persistent, annoying rash around my nose and i wanted to get it treated because i knew i was going to be traveling a lot and over the counter steroids weren't clearing it up.  ruuuunnnn onnnnn ssseeennntenceeee.  breath.  anyway, i ended up having a biopsy of the skin on my left hip.  totally unrelated. 

she told me i have lymphoma.  CD8 positive cutaneous T-cell lymphoma to be exact.  the biopsy came back as stage 1A.  which is good.  but, i stopped in so she could take some photos yesterday afternoon because she will be presenting my case at cutaneous lymphoma conference and i ended up having 3 more biopsies.  yikes!  so we will wait for those results to come back and hope that they are all stage 1A and we will start getting it treated.    

one of the biopsies is high on my inner thigh. i can't get it to stop bleeding through the bandage.  i think just because it is in a bad spot for running, walking, sitting or working out!  basically moving.  and my pants rub on it.  looked a bit like a crime scene last night after i got done with my work out:(  

so, there's that.  shit.  carry on lovers!



ps thanksgiving post to come.  lucky you.

pss blue moon yesterday.  did you see?

psss trader joe's opens tomorrow 


  1. What in the world! Shit is right. Well, thinking of you, and please keep us posted!!! *hugs*

  2. Shit dude... Let us know how we can help at the Moran.