Friday, November 30, 2012

san antonio cuties

jules whipped up a delicious feast for us.  she even made gluten free pie and rolls!
dinner was followed by a dress up dance party.

the weather was really comfortable.  i went running every morning.  i have to say that it certainly isn't pretty there.  and boy is it flat.  i love my mountains!

cutie pies.

we put up christmas decorations and wore mistletoe headbands.

we went to sea world and had so much fun we stayed until they closed.  matt and i road roller coasters like we were juveniles!  we watched the shows and saw beluga whales and rode on a little train.  and there was a candy cane forest.

jules and i spent a day and night on the town.  we looked at antiques, walked around on the river walk and ate mexican food.  but, the highlight of the night was when we found a roller rink late at night instead of going home.  and skate we did.  when this song came on, all the teenagers went wild.  pretty funny.  then we rewarded ourselves with big milk shakes and went home to bed.

carlee and i made zucchini bread while everyone napped.  and it was delicious!
and dani tipped over the christmas tree.

we had a fabulous time. playing with barbie's, watching movies and all.  and of course, when we played a game matt beat us as usual.  thanks for letting me come.

i hope you have a happy weekend.  we are ordering indian food and putting up the christmas tree.



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