Thursday, November 8, 2012

i'm off again

it is assumed i have piriformis syndrome. you know that darn leg of mine i am always bitching about?  i have been faithfully doing all the exercises i was instructed to do.


i had my pulmonary function test last friday.  boo.  it was not fantastic my friends.  but, that just means we need to manage my asthma way better.

i am leaving for chicago for four days this afternoon.  i will be attending ophthalmic imaging classes for my continuing education credits.  should be good stuff!

i bought a plane ticket to go visit my sister jules for thanksgiving.  dani and carlee will be entirely sick of me kissing and hugging them by the time the visit is over.

i have forced myself to take 3 straight days off of running this week.  i have been keeping up my workouts and spinning.  there has been a battle going on inside me the entire 3 days.  i'm glad no one can hear it.  the reasonable me is losing.  the psycho me who is obsessed is surely going to win because as soon as i get off of that flight and check in to my room tonight, you know i will be feeling all caged up.

the uncles did grand canyon rim to rim to rim in october.  i missed it.  orion finished in 14 hours and eric in 11.5!  awesome.  i will not miss that trip next year.

one of my fellow photographers and i won an award for having the best stereo images out of 55 centers participating in the clinical trial we image for.  woot!

i can't think of anything else to say.  hope the rest of your week is way rad and that your weekend is badass.

french kiss lovers,


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