Wednesday, November 21, 2012

happy thanksgiving!

i am heading to san antonio, texas in the morning to spend 5 days with my baby sister jules and her family.  i made a stop on my way home from work last night to pick up some fun surprises for the girlies to find in my suitcase when i open it up.  i am so excited to squeeze and kiss these little people!

o has to work on friday so i am leaving him behind to spend thanksgiving with his dad and brothers.  my other sibling are all traveling in to utah to spent the holiday together at my parents house, so i will miss them and hope they have a fabulous time.  

i listened to a good interview with lynn povich on npr last night.  i plan to pick up her book tonight so i can read it on my flight tomorrow.  the good girls revolt.  hope it is a good read.

i saw something last night that disturbed and upset me.  a physical and verbal situation between a mother and her very young(maybe 10 years old) daughter.  and i realize that this mother was likely just at her wits end and having a really bad moment.  at least that is what i hope.  this is the second disturbing mother daughter encounter i have witnessed in the last couple of months that just made me sad.  i really really really hope that if i ever have the opportunity to have a daughter, that i would never treat her the way i witnessed these women treat theirs. even if i was at my wits end.  i hope i would bite my tongue or say i love you and just walk away if i needed to.  because those are moments and words those girls won't forget. we all behave in ways we aren't proud of and say things we wish we hadn't.  anyway, i just haven't been able to stop thinking about it...

have you seen the december issue of national geographic?  there is this amazing photo of a 3,200 year old sequoia tree that is a single image montaged from over 100 photos.  the fact that it is taken in winter and covered in snow and the second largest tree in the world just makes it that much more awesome.

one of my favorite things.  the vegetarian chili at city cakes.  it hits the spot every time.  you should try it if you get sick of eating turkey this weekend.

i am feeling the very distinct urge to do something adventurous soon.  like it's a craving inside of me.  that feeling i get inside when i am doing something incredible.  i want it.  soon.

and i think that was just a lot of weird random stuff.  i hope your thanksgiving is filled people that you love and no shopping.

xo lovers,


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