Friday, November 16, 2012


hey there!  hope your friday is winding down like a hot stripper on a pole.  just kidding.  that was totally inappropriate.  but on another note, i totally made it up as i was typing so i've got that going for me. wit.

i am in a fantastic mood today.  i am listening to the eagles and finishing up my work for the week.  in the past two days i have had a visit with a new doctor, a biopsy, an x-ray and my blood drawn.  i was making light of the situation and the questions the assistant was asking me prior to the doctor coming in and i had him laughing and joking and maybe a little pink in the cheeks.  this girl knows how to have a good time on her lunch break.  oh ya.  

i'm thinking there may be enough snow up around alta ski resort to head up there with my snow shoes in the morning.  i would also like to go see the new james bond movie.  have you seen it?  and i plan to spend some time in my kitchen whipping up some good food to some good tunes.  and some neighbor time.  and some running.

this girl is just too rad.

hope your weekend is superb lovers.



ps don't picture people naked when you are speaking to them, you will lose eye contact. and then what?

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