Wednesday, November 14, 2012

chicago. a post written for yesterday.

i'm back in utah for a week!  i flew home in a barbie plane and my flight was late:( and we had quite the little journey to get to the plane.  i have the worlds shortest legs and i have never been so uncomfortable on a flight before!  the seats didn't recline.  however, our flight attendant named Suzy Q (did you see that, i used capital letters) was freaking hilarious.  laugh out loud funny i tell ya.

anyhooter,  i fell into bed this morning just after 1:30 and was rudely awakened by my alarm five hours later so i could get up for work.  meh.  i may look a little haggard today.  i have spent a good amount of my time today filling out all of the required online surveys for each course i took so i can receive my education credits.  if i don't get them in on time my certification will lapse and then i am royally screwed!

i learned much.  my main focus was pediatrics.  i think i took every course they offered that involved pediatric imaging.  i took so many courses over the four days that i really didn't get to do much else.

i stayed at the intercontinental on michigan ave. i only treated myself to breakfast once.  

i ran down to the navy pier and then on this trail that goes along the lake every morning except for monday. it's quite fabulous for a visitor because it is well populated with runners and bikers early in the morning.

wandering the streets at lunch time i found a thai place calleddao.  i ended up eating there a couple of times for lunch because i thought it was so good.  also ate at india house.   and the purple pig.  and fox and obel is fantastic as well. i wish we had one here in salt lake.

on saturday i had one hour between courses so slipped up to my room and threw on my rain jacket and tennis shoes and walked down to millennium park.  it was a warm, rainy, grey day.  the fall leaves on the ground looked almost fluorescent to me.

at moran we have ordered a 110 degree lens to attach to our heidelberg spectralis so we can do non contact wide angle angiograms.  i got to check it out at the exhibit. and we had a good time with the 3d glasses too! i also got to check out the image viewing software from sonomed escalon we hope to get.  it is pretty amazing.

some of my fellow ops members

anyway, that about sums it up.  have a rad wednesday.



ps  i went on a pain free run last night!  what the what?  i was so happy.  that is the first one in a very long time.  i don't get it.

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